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Mastering Social Posting with Nulu Flowboard 🌐

Nulu Flowboard's Social Posting feature is a versatile tool that allows you to schedule and publish posts across various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, WordPress (self-hosted), and Medium. Whether you’re aiming to post text, images, videos, call-to-action posts, carousels, or even automatically through RSS feeds and YouTube video posts, this feature covers all bases.

Getting Started with Social Posting

To utilize the Social Posting feature, follow these steps:

Accessing Social Posting

  1. Open Nulu Flowboard Dashboard: Start by navigating to the dashboard of Nulu Flowboard.

  2. Locate Social Posting Menu: On the left sidebar of the Dashboard, you will find the menu titled 'Social Posting'. Click on this to proceed.

Creating a Posting Campaign

Facebook & Instagram Posting

  1. Choose the Type of Post: Within the Social Posting page, you will see two sections: 'Facebook & Instagram Poster' and 'Social Poster'. To create a campaign for Facebook and Instagram, focus on the Facebook & Instagram Posting section.

  2. Initiate Post Creation: Click on ‘Multimedia Post’ to start creating your post. This will take you to a page where you can create a new post or manage existing campaigns.

Types of Posts

  • Text Post: If you want to create a simple text post, select the 'Text' option, enter your content, and decide if you want to post immediately or schedule for later.

  • Link Post: For link posts, select the 'Link' option, provide the URL, and Nulu Flowboard will fetch a preview automatically.

  • Image Post: Select 'Image' to upload images. Nulu Flowboard allows editing images directly within the platform before posting.

  • Video Post: Video posts follow a similar process to image posts but include video-specific options like adding captions.

  • Call To Action (CTA) Post: For a CTA post, specify your message, link, and button type. This is crucial for driving user interaction with your content.

  • Carousel/Video Post: Carousel posts can include multiple images or videos with links and descriptions for each segment.

Scheduling and Automation

  1. Schedule Your Posts: Determine the exact time and date for your posts to go live. Nulu Flowboard provides a comprehensive scheduling tool that allows you to set up posts well in advance.

  2. Bulk Post Planner: For multiple postings, utilize the Bulk Post Planner to upload a CSV file with campaign details. This tool is perfect for managing large-scale social media campaigns efficiently.

  3. Auto Post: Leverage the RSS Feed and YouTube video post options to automate content sharing directly from your feeds to keep your social media lively without manual intervention.

Advanced Features

  • Multi-Platform Support: Schedule and publish content not only on Facebook and Instagram but also on Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, WordPress, and Medium from a single dashboard.

  • Analytics and Adjustments: After posting, use Nulu Flowboard’s analytics tools to measure engagement and adjust your strategies accordingly.


Nulu Flowboard's Social Posting feature simplifies the management of multiple social media platforms, enabling you to maintain an active and engaging online presence. With tools designed to schedule, automate, and analyze social media content, you can enhance your digital marketing efforts and connect with your audience more effectively.