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Instagram Messages

If you don't receive Instagram messages:

  • Make sure to enable Settings > Privacy > Messages > Connected tools - Allow access from your Instagram mobile app.
  • Ensure your Instagram account is set up as a business account, not a professional account.
  • Go to Meta Business Suite, select your account, and navigate to Users > People. Under Instagram account, click Manage and ensure all permissions are enabled.

General Information

  • Each Nulu Business user has only one Facebook and Instagram conversation.
  • Nulu Business rich messages are automatically converted to Facebook rich messages when possible; some parts of the rich message may be removed or changed.
  • Only private Facebook messages will be sent to your team inbox. Public posts on your Facebook wall will not appear in the team inbox.
  • Messages sent to your company Facebook page or Instagram account will be designated as leads in Nulu Business. You'll only see the user's Facebook or Instagram name and profile picture.
  • Messenger conversations and messages are compatible with queue and routing.
  • The chatbot and human takeover feature are supported.
  • Supported AI features include language detection, spelling correction, multilingual translation, and Google search.
  • If the chatbot is enabled, deactivate any automatic replies on Facebook Messenger, such as the welcome message.
  • Follow-up messages are supported but will always be sent, even if an agent replies.
  • Offline messages are supported, but the timetable is not sent.
  • Only one Facebook account can be synchronized. To link pages from multiple Facebook accounts, the account synchronized in Nulu Business must be an admin of all Facebook pages of the other accounts.
  • Integrating Instagram and Facebook Messenger comes at no additional cost.
  • Messages exceeding 1000 characters will be truncated to the first 1000 characters due to character limits.
  • Only new messages sent after synchronization will be synchronized; old messages will not be imported.