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More Information About WhatsApp

General Information

  • User Messaging Restrictions:
    • You cannot send a WhatsApp message to a user who has sent you a message more than 24 hours ago or has never messaged you before. WhatsApp prohibits this action.
    • Instead, you must use a WhatsApp template or send a text message.
    • If you encounter an "Error message: Re-engagement," it indicates this situation.


  • Receiving Messages:

    • Ensure you are not assigning the WhatsApp conversations to a department.
    • Ensure the WhatsApp number used for testing is not a phone number of a Nulu Business admin or agent.
    • Make sure you have correctly set up the WhatsApp webhook URL.
  • Sending Messages:

    • If you cannot send messages, an error should appear in the admin area when you try to send a message to the user.

Support Limitations

  • Configuration Support:
    • We cannot provide support for Twilio or 360dialog configuration, including all related issues.
    • We cannot provide support in getting your WhatsApp account or WhatsApp message template approved.

Compatibility and Features

  • Queue and Routing: WhatsApp conversations and messages are compatible with queue and routing.

  • Sandbox Testing:

    • If you are testing with the sandbox and after 72 hours you can no longer send messages to your phone number, you must link your phone number to your sandbox again.
  • Rich Messages:

    • You can send rich messages to WhatsApp.
    • If you send chips, buttons, or select rich messages with more than 3 options, you can use the whatsapp="Your menu text" shortcode attribute to set the text of the WhatsApp message menu.

Follow-up and Offline Messages

  • Follow-up Message:
    • The follow-up message is supported but is always sent, even if an agent replies.
  • Offline Message:
    • The offline message is supported, but the timetable is not sent.

Chatbot Support

  • Chatbot:
    • The chatbot is supported, including the human takeover feature.
    • To enable Dialogflow chatbot support for audio messages, activate:
    Settings > NuluAI > Speech recognition

Supported AI Features

  • Language detection
  • Spelling correction
  • Multilingual via translation
  • Google search