🤖Nulu Business

📲 Text Message Notifications

Both agents and users can be notified via text message when a new message comes in. Text message notifications are provided by Twilio. Twilio is a paid service, but it is cheap, and you can use the trial version to test text message notifications for free.

🚀 Activation

  1. Go to Twilio (opens in a new tab) and create a new account. 🆕
  2. Verify your phone number. 📞
  3. Complete the form and choose SMS. ✅
  4. Once into the dashboard, click Get a Trial Number, then Choose this number. 📱
  5. Enter the Nulu AI admin area, go to Settings > Notifications > Text message notifications, and paste account SID, auth token, trial number (or a purchased phone number). Find all details in the Twilio dashboard. 📝
  6. If you're using the trial version, you can send notifications only to verified numbers. Enter the Twilio dashboard and click the left button # (Phone Numbers), then click Verified Caller IDs and add your phone number. 📞
  7. To start using the service live and to receive text messages in Nulu AI, you need to purchase a phone number. After the purchase, go to Phone numbers > Manage > Active numbers, click your number, and enter the URL of Nulu AI, get it from Nulu AI > Settings > Notifications > Text message notifications > Get configuration URL. 🔗
  8. You're done! 🎉

ℹ️ Information

  • Ensure that your agents and admins are assigned a phone number so that agent text messages can be sent to the appropriate numbers. 📲
  • All phone numbers must have the country code starting with the symbol + (e.g. +15558675310). ➕
  • You can get the user's phone number via registration form, follow-up message, subscribe message, or via [email] shortcode. You can manually enter the user phone from the admin area or via API. 📝
  • When a user sends their first message, if the conversation is assigned to a department, a text message is sent only to the agents assigned to that department. If the conversation is assigned to a specific agent, a text message is sent only to that agent; otherwise, a text message is sent to all agents who are not online at the moment. Subsequent text messages are sent only to the last agent in the conversation. 📧
  • Text message notifications are sent only if the last agent in the conversation is offline. 🟠
  • If you're using the Nulu AI app, and human takeover is active, no text messages are sent if the chatbot knows the answer. 🤖
  • To use the Sender ID feature, enter the sender name in the Sender number field. 🆔