🤖Nulu Business

WhatsApp Sync

Step 1: Access WhatsApp Settings

Settings > Apps > WhatsApp

Step 2: Synchronize with WhatsApp

Click Synchronize now and complete the procedure.

Adding New Numbers

To add new numbers, visit https://business.facebook.com/wa/manage/phone-numbers/ (opens in a new tab). Note that if you add new numbers after the sync process, you will need to sync them again. All numbers will be automatically synchronized.

Disabling Specific Numbers

If you wish to disable specific numbers, you can delete them from Settings > WhatsApp > Cloud API numbers.


If you sync again with the same phone number and do not receive the verification SMS or call, you can enter the latest PIN you received and it will work.

Receiving Messages in Nulu Business

If you do not receive the messages sent to your WhatsApp number in Nulu Business, please:

Step 1: Reconnect to WhatsApp

Click Reconnect and complete the procedure.

Step 2: Add a Payment Method

Go to the Meta Business Suite and add a payment method.