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Broadcasting Campaign Creation Guide 📢

In this guide, I will show you how to create a broadcasting campaign using Nulu Flowboard, recognized as a leading marketing application.

Starting Your Broadcast Campaign

Accessing the Broadcasting Feature

  1. Navigating to Broadcasting: First, access the Nulu Flowboard dashboard. From there, locate and click on the Broadcasting menu on the left sidebar. 🖥️

  2. Broadcasting Page Overview: Upon clicking, you'll be directed to a page divided into two main sections:

    • Messenger Broadcasting 💬
    • SMS/Email Broadcasting 📧

    The SMS/Email Broadcasting section is further divided into three parts:


Creating a Messenger Broadcasting Campaign

  1. Initiate Messenger Broadcasting: Select the Messenger Broadcasting option to begin.

  2. Campaign Creation: A page titled 'OTN subscriber broadcast' will appear, featuring a Create Campaign button. Click this to proceed. 🆕

  3. Filling Out the Campaign Form: You'll be directed to the 'Add OTN Subscriber Broadcast' page which includes instructions at the top and a form divided into three sections:

    • Campaign Details
    • Targeting Options
    • Message Template

    Please read the instructions carefully before filling out the form.

Detailed Form Instructions

Campaign Details

  • Naming Your Campaign: Enter a name for your campaign in the designated field.
  • Selecting a Facebook Page: Choose a Facebook page from the dropdown menu.
  • OTN Postback Template: Click on the field to display a dropdown menu of available OTN postback templates. You may select one or multiple templates.

Targeting Options

  • Labels: Choose labels to target or exclude certain subscribers. Utilize tooltips for more information.
  • Gender and Locale: Select gender and locale to further refine your audience.
  • Time Zone: Choose the time zone that matches your target audience's location.

Message Template

  • Choosing Message Type: Click on the 'Select Message Type' field and choose from text, image, audio, video, or file.
  • Scheduling: Toggle the scheduling option to specify when the broadcast should go live.

Campaign Execution

  1. Finalizing the Campaign: After configuring all settings, click on the Create Campaign button to launch your broadcast. A success message will confirm the creation of the campaign. 🚀

Advanced Message Types

  • Quick Replies and Templates: If you select quick replies or templates, specify additional details like button text and type, which may include options like Post Back, User Phone Number, or User Email Address.

  • Rich Media Messages: For media messages, you'll need to upload the appropriate file and may add buttons or other interactive elements.

  • Text with Buttons: This option allows you to send a text message accompanied by interactive buttons, directing users to predefined actions or URLs.


Creating a broadcast campaign in Nulu Flowboard is designed to be intuitive, mirroring the simplicity of using popular social media platforms. This guide ensures you can effectively communicate with your audience through sophisticated messaging options tailored to your marketing strategies.