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Conditional Actions

Conditional Actions Guide 🚀

Conditional Actions in Nulu AI allow you to set up and run tasks automatically based on specific conditions you define. These tasks can range from sending messages to users to displaying pop-ups, all triggered by particular events or criteria. The Conditional Actions feature is designed to streamline interactions, ensure timely communication, and enhance user experience by providing relevant responses without manual intervention.

Key Features of Conditional Actions

1. Automatic Task Execution 🤖

Conditional Actions perform tasks automatically when predefined conditions are met. This can include sending messages, showing pop-ups, or updating user information.

2. Multilingual Support 🌐

Tasks can be set up to run in multiple languages, ensuring that users receive messages in their preferred language.

3. Single Execution Per User 🔄

Each Conditional Action is sent only once to a user to avoid repetitive messages and ensure a smooth experience.

4. Custom Conditions 🎯

You can define specific conditions that trigger the Conditional Action. These conditions can be based on user actions, time, location, language, and more.

5. Time-Based Triggers ⏰

Conditional Actions can be scheduled to run at specific times or dates, allowing for timely interactions with users.

Important Guidelines 📝

  • Deleting Conditions: To delete a condition, simply set it to empty. To disable a Conditional Action, delete all conditions.
  • Updating Conditional Actions: If a Conditional Action was used in the past and users already received it, you need to delete the Conditional Action and create a new one to show it to the users again.
  • Repeat Functionality: Repeat only works if used in conjunction with date time.
  • Date Time Criteria: When using date time with the criteria "is exactly," the value must not contain hours and minutes (hh:mm). Example: 25/10/2021 (note that 25/10/2021 10:30 will not work).

Critical Settings ⚙️

  • Register All Visitors: The setting Settings > Users > Register all visitors must be active if there are message Conditional Actions that are executed on page load.
  • City, Countries, and Languages:
    • Cities work only if the user detail location is set and equal to city, country, or if the user detail city is set.
    • Countries work only if the user details country_code, or country is set, or if the user detail location is set and equal to city, country. The country name must be in English.
    • Languages work only if the user details browser_language, or language is set.
  • Returning Visitors: A visitor is considered a Returning visitor only if they visit the website again after 24 hours or more.

Pop-ups and Fallback Messages 💬

  • Pop-ups: The pop-ups appear only if the chat is closed, and they overwrite the default pop-up. You can check the message fallback option to send a message instead of showing the pop-up if the chat is open.
  • New Users: You may need to enable Settings > Users > Register all visitors if you want to send an automated message to new users.
  • Chat Messages and Pop-up Fallbacks: These messages are sent only if the last user or agent message of the conversation is older than 10 minutes. This feature prevents unwanted automated messages from being sent during an agent-user conversation.

Custom Variables and Conditions 🛠️

  • Custom Variables: The Custom variable condition checks for the JavaScript variables with the given names and values. For example, the condition example=ABC is met if there is this JavaScript code on the chat's page: var example = "ABC";. Add multiple variables separated by commas.

Compatibility 🚫

  • Incompatible Apps: Conditional Actions are not compatible with messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Google, WeChat, Viber, and Line.

By understanding and following these guidelines, you can set up efficient and effective Conditional Actions for your Nulu AI system. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out! 😊