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Nulu Flowboard Live Chat Feature Guide 🗨️

Nulu Flowboard, a comprehensive chatbot-building platform and multichannel marketing software, now includes a feature known as Live Chat. This feature enables real-time communication through your Facebook page or Instagram account, enhancing interaction capabilities directly with your users.

Overview of Live Chat 🌐

Live Chat mirrors the functionality of Facebook and Instagram messenger, allowing not only direct communication with users but also the management of certain tasks like label creation, label assignment, and setting up sequence messages.

Using Live Chat 🚀

Using Live Chat is straightforward, mimicking the simplicity of typical social media messaging systems.

Accessing Live Chat 📲

  1. Navigate to Live Chat: Begin by accessing the Nulu Flowboard dashboard. From the left sidebar, click on the Live Chat option.

  2. Interface Overview: The Live Chat interface is divided into three main sections:

    • Subscribers' List 📋
    • Messaging Window 💬
    • Actions ⚙️

Detailed Guide

Subscribers' List

  • View recent conversations with your subscribers.
  • Utilize the search bar to find specific subscribers.
  • Reload your Live Chat manually, although it auto-refreshes periodically.

Messaging Window

  • Directly chat with users here.
  • Select a message tag before sending messages to ensure proper categorization, such as Human Agent, Account Update, and more, based on Facebook’s developer guidelines.


  • Manage Labels: Assign labels to users or create new ones from this section to keep your user management organized.
  • Opt-in Through: Identify whether a subscriber connected directly through your social media channels.
  • Status: Manage user subscriptions and bot interactions, including pausing and resuming bot replies.

Advanced Management

  • Primary Information: Access crucial subscriber information like ID, gender, language, and the time and date they joined.
  • Interaction Control: Control who interacts with the bot and manage these settings without needing moderator or account owner status on Facebook or Instagram.

Conclusion 🎉

Nulu Flowboard's Live Chat feature simplifies direct interactions with users, making it an indispensable tool for businesses leveraging social media. Whether redirecting from a bot to a human agent or managing conversations, Live Chat ensures that all communications are streamlined and efficient without needing to switch between different platforms.