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Setting Up Your Virtual Restaurant with Nulu Flowboard Ecommerce 🍴

Nulu Flowboard, acclaimed for its robust marketing tools, includes a versatile eCommerce feature perfect for creating a virtual restaurant. This feature facilitates an interactive dining experience both in Facebook Messenger and on web browsers.

Overview of the Virtual Restaurant Feature

With Nulu Flowboard’s eCommerce capability, you can quickly set up a virtual storefront. This is not just limited to a typical online store; it extends into creating an immersive virtual restaurant experience accessible via QR codes or direct URLs.

Getting Started

Creating Your Virtual Restaurant

  1. Navigate to Ecommerce Store: Access the Nulu Flowboard dashboard and click on the 'Ecommerce store' menu from the left panel.

  2. Create Store: Click the Create Store button. You'll be prompted to fill out a form that includes choosing a Facebook page, providing details about your restaurant, setting terms of service, uploading logos, and choosing a default language for your restaurant interface.

QR Codes and URLs

Once your store is set up, the system generates two crucial QR codes:

  • Messenger QR Code: Opens your virtual restaurant directly in Messenger.
  • Browser QR Code: Opens your restaurant on a web browser.

These QR codes simplify the process for customers, who can access your virtual dining space without navigating through Facebook or entering URLs manually.

Detailed Setup Process

Creating and Managing Categories

  • Add Categories: To organize your menu effectively, start by adding categories. Navigate to the ‘Categories’ section in the Action menu and use the Add Category button to create new categories.

Adding Attributes and Products

  • Manage Attributes: Attributes like size, toppings, or additional features can be added through the ‘Attributes’ section. You can set attributes to be single or multi-select, depending on the item.

  • Add Products: Go to the ‘Products’ section to add items to your store. Each product can be linked to specific categories and attributes, and you should upload images to enhance visibility.

Enhancing Customer Interaction

Checkout and Payment Settings

Configure checkout settings to include various payment options like PayPal, Stripe, or COD. Set currency preferences, tax rates, and delivery charges to streamline the checkout process.

Operational Settings

  • Delivery Options: Specify whether customers can pick up their orders or need delivery.
  • Order Management: Use the Orders section to view, manage, and print order details, facilitating easy kitchen management.

Marketing and Engagement Tools

Utilizing Coupons

Create discount coupons in the Coupons section to attract more customers or promote new items. Choose from fixed amount, percentage off, or cart-based discounts to best suit your promotional strategy.

Launching Your Virtual Restaurant

Once all settings are configured:

  • Deploy QR Codes: Print and display the QR codes in strategic locations to facilitate easy access.
  • Share URLs: Use the direct URLs to promote your restaurant on social media and other online platforms.


By leveraging Nulu Flowboard’s eCommerce features, you can transform how customers interact with your dining establishment, making it accessible right from their phones or computers. This digital approach not only enhances customer experience but also streamlines operations, making it an essential tool for modern restaurateurs.

With this setup, you’re ready to serve guests digitally, offering a seamless blend of convenience and culinary delight.