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🌐 WEB API Webhooks

🔔 Webhooks

Webhooks are automated messages sent from Nulu Business to a URL when something happens. They contain custom data and are sent to a unique URL defined by you.

📋 Usage

  1. Login to the administration area and go to Settings > Miscellaneous > Webhooks.
  2. Enter the destination URL. Nulu Business will send the data to this URL. This URL should point to a PHP file that can read the data received. You can use the code $response = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true); to get the data. The $response variable will be an array.
  3. Enter in the Secret Key field a secret password of your choice. This key is included in all the Webhooks. You can use it to validate the Webhook and ensure it is sent by Nulu Business and not from someone else.
  4. Activate the Webhooks and save. Nulu Business will now start sending the Webhooks from the list below to your URL.
  5. The key sender-url is included in all the Webhooks and contains the URL from which the webhook is sent.
  6. The setting Active Webhooks defines what webhooks are active. Enter the names of the webhooks separated by commas. Leave it empty to enable all webhooks.