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Displaying Products

Single Product

{catalog id="123" product_id="123" body="" footer="")

Replace id with the catalog ID and product_id with a product ID. The body and footer attributes are optional.

Multiple Products

{catalog id="123" product_id_1_1="123" product_id_1_2="123" product_id_2_1="123" section_1="" section_2="" header="" body="" footer="")

Replace id with the catalog ID. Add products by grouping them into sections, via the product_id_[A]_[B] attributes, where [A] is the section index (starting from 1) and [B] is the product index (starting from 1 for each section). You must also add the section_[A] attribute for each section.

Order Webhook

When the user sends the order, the order information is sent to the URL specified in Settings > WhatsApp > Order webhook. The page at that URL should process the order and send a message to the user via the PHP API function sb_whatsapp_send_message().

WooCommerce Integration

To connect the shop to WooCommerce, (link to WooCommerce integration instructions).